Posted by: lilac2008 | March 6, 2008

LILAC 2008 Conference – Initial thoughts.

Hello and welcome to the official LILAC 2008 conference blog.

I’m honoured and quite excited to have been selected for the 2008 student award, and to be producing this blog as part of the deal.

In the next few days and weeks I hope to post a few initial thoughts and reflections on why I chose to apply for the LILAC sponsorship, what it’s like to be studying for the library and information qualification, and what I hope to get from the conference.

I think as the months have gone by, those three themes have developed from where they were when I wrote my award application and it will be interesting for me to see them up in pixels!

Thanks to all the conference organisers for making this possible. If you are reading this, please feel free to comment, especially if you are attending! Please say hello to me in a spare 30 seconds during the conference too.

I will also mention which parallel sessions I plan to attend – as I book them! – and I would especially welcome comments on which sessions you are attending and why.



  1. What a great start to our conference blog! We’re really looking forward to seeing your reflections, and the comments of other delegates as the conference progresses. What are you looking forward to most Keir? My anticipated highlight is Tara Brabazon.


  2. I think you’re in for a treat with Tara. I saw her give her inaugural professorial lecture at U of Brighton and, wow, did she liven things up – the place was overflowing! What a performer.

    Unfortunately, can’t be at Lilac this year, but am looking forward to your blog entries – especially relating to Ms Brabazon herself. Think she may be a bit like Marmite if you know what I mean.


  3. This blog is whetting my appetite for the conference, which I’m lucky enough to be attending. Ironically I’m even looking forward to networking with colleagues from my own institution, as it’s not always easy to chat about ideas if you don’t work in the same building! It wil be nice to have the blog for instant reactions and a way of “joining it all up” whilst ideas are fresh.


  4. Hi to all!

    Thanks for commenting (please pass on the blog link to all your friends so they can comment too!).

    I’ve made some quick comments about what I’m looking forward to on the next post.

    Actually I’ve been chatting with Tara for a few weeks now via electronic means… so I’m looking foward to a proper chat – if there’s a spare second in the program!

    Look forward to meeting you there too 🙂

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