Posted by: lilac2008 | March 13, 2008

Those parallel sessions…!

So, at last I have booked myself into the parallel sessions for the conference. There seem to be about 20 sessions per day – where will I find the time to blog?

Here’s the rundown of my picks. If you are attending, and I hope you are, perhaps we will run into each other at a few of them. Please let me know which ones you’d like me to comment on and why!

  1.   Assessing the effectiveness of information literacy teaching at the University of Bedfordshire‏I must admit I want to see this one because I’ll be looking for work near London next year and would like to find out about the University of Bedfordshire!

  2.   Researchers’ learning lives – symposium‏A symposium sounds quite exciting. Plus I am fascinated by the more complex issues tackled by researchers, and there’s a mention of e-science… I want to find out what it is! I have a physics degree so hopefully I’ll understand it somehow.

  3.   i-Skills in the Workplace: assessing and meeting staff development needs‏This is the first time I’ve seen anything along these lines – IL in the workplace? Is it possible?

  4.   Development and delivery of a Science and Engineering Information Literacy programme at NUI Maynooth‏This, again, because I might have a chance of following the science stuff!

  5.   Moodle at LSE Library: Bringing Information Literacy to the students’ desktop‏I must admit that I chose this one largely because I know a few people at LSE, and hope to be in London next year! But also because some of my LIS masters modules talk about VLEs and I’d like to know more about Moodle (we use Blackboard at my institution and it’ll be interesting to compare).

  6.   Power to the People: Exploring the development of the Informs software tool through community engagement‏Well, I have some basic understanding of Intute, which is now the host for Informs, so I think I can put this into context. Plus, again, Intute is based in the same town as my University, and we’ve had some lectures from them!

  7.   Academic Liaison Saves the World?The title seems too good to miss. Also, the role of academic subject librarians is a big question, and close to my heart as that would be the natural aim for someone with my qualifications – but will there still be any jobs to go into? Hopefully this will help me decide.‏

  8.   Information literacy in the workplace: a qualitative interview based study‏Again, it’s that “workplace” that’s so intriguing. Will IL make the leap out of academia as some proponents seem to think?

  9.   The LSE Training Portal: a really simple solution?‏Yes, this is because I want to know more about LSE. Again. But also to find out about RSS finally!

  10. The academic librarian as a supervisor: Intervening in the student’s research process‏

    This one will hopefully be interesting to those academic librarians who may want to hear from the conference even they can’t attend…

  11. Out-genning the net generation: Second Life as a learning environment‏

    …and this one sounds nice and general, plus it mentions 2L. Once I manage to get on there I’ll let you know what I think of all the hype.



  1. No. 10 sounds very interesting. More and more we seem to be acting as dissertation supervisors. Or is it just that the students can’t find the Academics when they want them ?

  2. I hope I can find my supervisor when I need him or her this Summer when I do my dissertation.

    Perhaps this will help me see things from their point of view.

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