Posted by: lilac2008 | March 16, 2008

“On a more personal note”

I’m all packed and ready!

Looking forward to a relaxing 4 hours in a train, then a bit of confusion as I navigate around Liverpool, a city I’ve never visited before, and then I can finally relax in the lovely (expensive) hotel I’ve booked.

 Yes, although I won the student award covering my fees and travel, I couldn’t find a cheap place to stay, so I decided to go for a nice hotel almost next to the conference venue. I figured after two terms of studying library and information management, I deserve and just plain need a little bit of R&R. It’s not going to be all lie-ins and sessions in the pool, what with so many sessions to visit and blog, but just the fact of staying in a nice hotel and having a room to myself will be fun 🙂

I’m looking forward to all the keynote speakers, but especially Tara Brabazon (and not just because of the media splash she made recently!) since I’ve checked out a few of her books and have started noticing some of the people and literature she references (e.g. Zygmunt Bauman in the THE… while searching for a link to illustrate this, I noticed she’s back in the press again already!)



  1. Hope that you’ve manage to negotiate both the train, and Liverpool City Centre. My comments about not being able to find your dissertation supervisor of course don’t apply to Library-Information-Academics. These people are wholly reliable and helpful ( at least they were in 1987 anyway) Enjoy the Conference.

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