Posted by: lilac2008 | March 19, 2008

Nearly finished.

The title of this post, “nearly finished”, could have any of the following 3 interpretations:

  1. We are nearly at the end of the LILAC 2008 conference! Only one more keynote speach to go and the wrapping up, then it’s off to Lime Street or Liverpool Central stations to make the trek home. Or, in my case, off to the docks and the museums for a nice sunny tour round Liverpool before I head back South 😉
  2. I am nearly at the end of my reserves of energy for listening to and digesting talks, wandering from venue to venue, wondering which venue I booked into, and trying update my blog in the coffee breaks!
  3. This blog itself is a bit of a work in progress, and I’ve thought more than once that it would be useful to sit down later and tidy it up, draw together the loose ends and evaluate a bit what has gone through my mind and keyboard.

I feel that this conference has already given me a much broader and clearer understanding of what Information Literacy actually means, and could be, and I’ve certainly realised that it’s very close to the heart of what it means to work as a library and information professional.

 More later…!



  1. I cannot but agree with what you say: the energy reserves have really been exhausted during this conference. So much info in such a little time.. almost a week later it still feels a little overwhelming.

    Despite this, I sincerely hope you will find both the time and energy to jot down your thoughts and impressions on the various sessions you attended. The conference was such a success, it would be wonderful to share some of it with those unable to attend this year.
    Also, the student perspective is always more than useful to us old professionals 😉 It would be wonderful to continue discussion on conference themes here, but without session posts it might be a bit difficult..

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