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More reports!

The latest CILIP Update [that’s 7 (5) May 2008, p. 23, for your information!] has another conference report, by two of the delegates, John Crawford and Christine Irving. It’s interesting because they write from the perspective of IL in the wider (than just HE) world, and of course since they wrote a good report!

On a similar note, my conference write-up on Ariadne should appear any day now. It’ll be here:

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Information literacy practitioner of the year

Nigel Morgan receiving his most innovative information professional award

Now that I’ve figured out how to re-size pictures, here is Nigel Morgan from Cardiff University receiving his IL practitioner of the year award at the conference dinner!

He was recognised for his work on the innovative Cephalonian Method of library induction.

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The last post…?

Me at the grand reception

The photos from the conference are still trickling in as you can see above. As more arrive I will post them… it looks like there will be no clear end to this project, but maybe that’s for the best!

Sheila Webber has been steadily reporting on the various sessions at her InfoLit blog, here, here , here and here. In fact, in the third post there, she lists a fair few of the contributors to the conference who have blogged about it too! So I shan’t reinvent the wheel by “metablogging” them all (phew!). I just hope to surf the wave of links and re-links that will come flooding in!

Actually, having said that, I will mention Angela Newton’s post:

My Lilac revelation is one that is relevant to all libraries and librarians, and it is this; Libraries are about learning.

Thanks, Angela! That was kind of what I took away from the whole thing too. I am a sort of frustrated teacher, I suppose, and I agree with her (implicit) statement that library education should be part of the education faculty (“if I had my time again, I wouldn’t bother getting a Masters in Library and Information Management, but rather take a postgraduate degree in Education”).

Anja Timm’s research on plagiarism  (oops, sorry, I mean academic writing!) did strike me and some of the other delegates I chatted to afterwards as a funny place to begin the conference, but in hindsight it makes sense because it gives that almost hypothetic question “what would an international student coming into UK higher education see?” a real answer: here’s what they see! Check her website out when you can, there should hopefull be some videos going up of her documentary journey to China, Greece and India. Fascinating stuff.

I think I was right to be amazed when posted after the session; it’s about what is a “normal” educational experience. Indeed, I was amazed again when I ended up sitting next to a uni student from Mumbai on the train home, who recounted the experience of a friend of hers, up before a unversity tribunal for (apparently unwitting!) plagiarism.

Wow, this does happen! It really could be a good moment to revisit the foundations of Anglo-American-Globalised higher education.

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Nearly finished.

The title of this post, “nearly finished”, could have any of the following 3 interpretations:

  1. We are nearly at the end of the LILAC 2008 conference! Only one more keynote speach to go and the wrapping up, then it’s off to Lime Street or Liverpool Central stations to make the trek home. Or, in my case, off to the docks and the museums for a nice sunny tour round Liverpool before I head back South 😉
  2. I am nearly at the end of my reserves of energy for listening to and digesting talks, wandering from venue to venue, wondering which venue I booked into, and trying update my blog in the coffee breaks!
  3. This blog itself is a bit of a work in progress, and I’ve thought more than once that it would be useful to sit down later and tidy it up, draw together the loose ends and evaluate a bit what has gone through my mind and keyboard.

I feel that this conference has already given me a much broader and clearer understanding of what Information Literacy actually means, and could be, and I’ve certainly realised that it’s very close to the heart of what it means to work as a library and information professional.

 More later…!

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Pictures from the networking event last night!

lilac4.jpgConference delagates enjoying a hard-earned glass of something.The big greenhouse structure wherein we socialised!

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The American Perspective

Patricia Breivik’s talk this morning (after much needed coffee and multiple danish pastries with Tara Brabazon) gave a pretty interesting alternative perspective on the theme of librarians’ advocacy of IL – a necessity not an option! I think a lot of her suggestions need tailoring to the more reserved British outlook, but we can certainly learn from her experiences… and thanks for the free copy of her new book, which looks as fascinating as it is weighty!

Posted by: lilac2008 | March 17, 2008

Going In-world…

Sheila’s presentation on SecondLife is going on at the moment…

…and I have just (Tuesday!) got a free moment to finish this post! It was a pretty interesting workshop. I have never managed to get SecondLife working, probably since my PC at home is too slow and weedy.

 Well, I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed by the 2L experience, it was like a strange cross between all the computer games I’ve ever played. Having talked to the workshop organisers, I think I can see the point of it though. Maybe once I get used to it I’ll be there more often.

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Proving the need for (anti-)plagiarism

Anja Timm’s keynote this afternoon provided a lot of food for thought – her research presented evidence of the need to give anti-plagiarism, referencing, and citation education to international students, focussing on their previous experience of academic life.

It brought to mind some quite big questions, also mentioned by members of the audience – why do we insist on people quoting their sources, actually? If we don’t recognise and come to terms with this question, how can we convince academics that training students for this is important?

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Wikipedia and Citizendium

I just managed to get in to the fully-booked Wikipedia workshop… to follow it up I created this LILAC conference page – feel free to join wikipedia and make your own spurious edits!

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The LILAC has landed!

Well, here we are! I had a lovely train ride and found my hotel without a hitch. It’s the hotel which was featured in some reality TV show apparently! A bit past its prime maybe, but a city break is a city break and I’m liking Liverpool so far. Once I managed to find a cafe that serves coffee before 10am this morning I was raring to go.

 I’m blogging this from the IT suite where the pre-conference workshops are to be held – not quite mobile blogging but close enough. Unfortunately my new phone has died on me so no photos, I’m afraid!

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